Black Culture Guide is a digital platform solely focused on the Black and Brown culture in television and film. Our mission is to create original content for our community while curating existing IP that the culture can be proud of. We aim to inform, inspire, and entertain our viewers in a community-like atmosphere while celebrating our legends, leaders, and entertainers alike.

Black Culture Guide gives its subscribers localized information in a directory format on trusted urban centric places to be groomed, dine, stay, and entertain.

Here at Black Culture Guide we are focused on Black and Brown content creators from past present and future.’ That educate on lifestyle goals from financial independence to first time home buyers.


The Black Culture Guide is the only place to take a in-depth look into the past of multi-culture content. News, fashion, entertainment, sports and politics delivered in both long form and quick two (2) minute updates on current events.  Black Culture Guide throughout the day, highlights inspirational entertaining and funny content.

The most complete digital platform for the cultural.

This is a multi cultural owned and operated business to promote the Talents of our cultural.

News, Social Media and Gaming.

Sports, music and fashion including concert live series, live sporting events starring legends to today’s biggest names.

Live events are part of the core of the cultural. We will support and salute our legends by giving them there flowers from the Black exploitation stars such as Pam Grier, Richard Roundtree etc to main stream stars such as Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy and producer as Spike Lee and 50 cents to faith base leaders Bishop Wayne T. Jackson and TD Jake’s work will all be featured we plan to uplift support respect and show appreciation to everyone one in all forms that cultivate the community and cultural 

Platform Launch: Juneteenth 2023

On Juneteenth (June 14th 2023) we plan to go live from Atlanta, Georgia with the biggest assembly of multicultural gaming tournament ever. We will also begin, on a monthly basis, to highlight unknown artists. We will facilitate a launch the spotlight a look at an unknown artist work to be featured monthly. We will facilitate Social Media site where people can uploads clips where they believe the the world should see and selected offerings will be aired in the micro programming section on the app.

Free Concerts series February 2023 Black History.

Through the month of February to celebrate Black History Month we will have Five (5) concerts to represent who we are: Gospel, Neo soul, R&b, Rap and Rock.

Global News: US, Africa Asia, Europe N. America and S. America

We will host the most complete platform ever created to highlight the news important to the Black and Brown community. Three daily updates will highlight culture, challenges and successes. To make certain all of our voices can be raised in unity.